Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Making Sound

Oh man.  It is so strange to go to my old blog and read some of my old nutterings.  Lord.  I was lovely and lost.  It's just over 2 years to the day since I stopped writing (anonymously) at Islandbaby Blog.  And now when I read those ministrations, I recognise the voice and I remember those sentiments - it's just like slipping on old shoes, but ones I wore in a past life, in another body.

Maybe it's just because in all the time since that last post, I haven't written.  I haven't been writing - in any form.  I have had no words.  I have had no heart for writing, no lust for it.

I remember something my friend Tom said to me as he was dropping me off at my new digs in South London one sparkling spring day an eon ago ... when I told him I used to sing all the time.  Out loud.  But that I had stopped singing.  And stopped listening to music really.  Tom said that that was literally the saddest thing he had ever heard.  That I was sleep-walking.  That I should start Making Sound.  Otherwise who will hear me through a mouth full of sand.

Well I still don't sing.  But I do dance.  Baby is Back. 


  1. Love'n it! Keep them posts coming... the need to write is a powerful thing. Be loud and proud and I'll follow all the way xxxx

  2. keep on writing girl! this is your power